Business Philosophy

Business Philosophy

Business Philosophy



「Leadership Business philosophy」;「Treat every internal process as a customer」 The Leadership Business model enables employees to treat their work as their own business, maintain a high degree of centripetal force for the Company, and provide the best quality of service with costs reduction, high efficiency, meeting customer needs and continuous improvement.


Work Attitude


「Winner always finds a solution」; 「Loser always has an excuse」 Only find solutions to succeed, not make excuses for failure, whoever finds a solution for everything must be a winner; whoever finds an excuse for everything must be a loser, and success and victory will always belong to those who can find a solution.




The business philosophy of YTEC is to make good use of its own equipment development capabilities to provide integrated system design, testing and sawing technology and other back-end manufacturing process services, expecting to provide customers with stable quality, best efficiency, shortest delivery time and best cost competitive advantages.

In the future, the management team will continue to focus on improving the back-end manufacturing process technology, equipment self-manufacturing capabilities and technical maintenance capabilities of the semiconductor, optoelectronics and RFID industries, and establish diversified product lines, focusing on the development of domestic and international markets, and marching toward the goal of professional back-end solution service supplier and equipment brand manufacturer based in Taiwan and looking over the world.