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Compensation Committee

Purpose and Responsibilities of the Compensation Committee

The purpose of the compensation committee is to improve the compensation system for directors, supervisors and managers of the company.
The function of this committee is to evaluate the compensation policies and systems of the directors, supervisors and managers of the company in a professional and objective position, and make recommendations to the board of directors for its decision-making reference. It should be with the attention of good managers , faithfully perform the following duties:

  • Regularly review the "Organizational Regulations of the Compensation Committee" and propose amendments.
  • Formulate and regularly review the policies, systems, standards and structures for the performance evaluation and remuneration of directors, supervisors and managers of the company.
  • Regularly evaluate and determine the salaries of the company's directors, supervisors and managers.
Composition and Operation of Compensation Committee

The company's compensation committee consists of 3 members (composed of 3 independent directors), appointed by the resolution of the board of directors, and 1 of them is the convener.

List of current (5th) compensation committee members
Title Name Tenure
Convener Meng-Hua, Huang 2021/08/12~2024/08/11
Member Ya-Xian, Cai 2021/08/12~2024/08/11
Member Jun-Ting, Liu 2021/08/12~2024/08/11

Information on the operation of the Compensation Committee:

The number of audit committee meetings, membership qualifications and attendance in recent years are as follows

Title Name Actual attendance (B) Number of delegated attendance Actual attendance rate (%)
(B/A) (Remark)
Convener Meng-Hua, Huang Independent Director (re-elected)
Member Ya-Xian, Cai Independent Director
Member Jun-Ting, Liu Independent Director
Other items to be recorded:
1. If the board of directors does not adopt or amend the recommendations of the compensation committee, it shall state the date of the board of directors, the period, the content of the proposal, the result of the resolution of the board of directors, and the company's handling of the opinions of the compensation committee (for example, the compensation approved by the board of directors is superior to the compensation committee’s suggestions, should state the difference and reasons): the company does not have this situation.
2. For matters resolved by the compensation committee, if members have objections or reservations and there is a record or written statement, the date of the compensation committee, the period, the content of the proposal, the opinions of all members and the handling of the opinions of the members shall be stated: the company This is not the case.
Conference Records
Date Conference Records Download
The 7st Session of the 5th compensation committee