Sustainable Operation Policy

Sustainable Operation Policy

Sustainable Operation Policy

Chairman’s Message


Since Young Tek was founded 30 years ago, we believe that in addition to continuous growth in operations and systems, a company must also create social value and fulfill its corporate social responsibilities in order to be a truly successful company. We shape the corporate culture within the company, uphold the beliefs of "Leadership Business philosophy" and "Treat every internal process as a customer", and work attitudes of "Winner always finds a solution" and "Loser always has an excuse"; "Get to the heart of the matter" and "Aim at absolute perfection", to let every employee able to manage work as his/her own business in the job position, and then maintain a high degree of centripetal force for the Company; actively pursue a thorough understanding of the truth of everything, be proactive in improving the work process, and finally handle things to the realm of "perfection". In addition to enable the Company in maintaining operational growth and win unanimous recognition from customers, it is expected that the Company will be from excellence to outstanding, sustainable operation to create more job opportunities and give back to society.


Due to the rising trend of customers and international green environmental protection laws and regulations, and the encouragement of self-growth, we have successively passed the 1S014001 Environmental Management System, the OHSAS18001 Occupational Safety and Health Management System, and the IECQ QC080000 Hazardous Substance Management System certifications to demonstrate that Young Tek Electronics in supplying green environmental protection capability, as well as the emphasis and protection of occupational safety and health, and reduce the impact on the environment to the stakeholders.


In the protection of human rights, we observe and respect relevant labor laws and regulations and internationally recognized basic labor human rights principles to create a gender equal rights working environment. Respect employees to balance family and workplace to fully protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees.


We —always base on a pragmatic operation and one step at a time work attitude, continue to develop innovative and high value-added products, and seek a stable return on investment for shareholders through the growth of overall revenue and profit. Staying in Taiwan and growing strong is the result of Young Tek Electronics' long-term hard work in Taiwan. The new factory building purchase and continuous investment are a demonstration of confidence in Taiwan. The advantages of Taiwan’s industry are built on continuous innovation and strong manufacturing capabilities. We have created a more competitive production model with our self-manufactured machines. The road we must take in facing cheap manpower cross the strait, and also because Taiwan still has this competitiveness, numerous upstream and downstream companies regardless within and outside the region can continue to grow stronger.。


The semiconductor industry has become the most mature industry with internationally competitive industry in our country, therefore, with the internationalization of semiconductors, our future vision is to focus on the development of domestic and foreign markets, to enable Young Tek to become an integrated product verification and testing professional company in Taiwan, and move forward towards our own products and brands with taking a broad view into the world.


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