Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection

ESH and Carbon Reduction Policy

  • With the host concept, we build excellent working environment.
  • Comply with energy regulations and reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Use green materials and energy-saving products to provide green products and low-carbon services.
  • Continuously improve energy efficiency and provide the necessary resources to achieve energy goals.
  • Improve employee’s knowledge about ESHG target none pollution and none accident.
  • Keep maintaining employee health and improving working environment, fulfill the company’s policy on ESH & EMS.

    Environmental performance

    YTEC’s inventory of greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, and total weight of waste, the results of the inventory in the past 3 years are below:

    Inventory interval Greenhouse gas equivalent emissions
    Water equivalent
    Total estimated weight of waste
    Whether to pass the external inspection
    2019 year 22,476.68 207,36 157.42 No, self-management.
    2020 year 175,794.12 212,108 130.31 No, self-management.
    2021 year 440,105.0782 196,400 107.89 Yes, verified by a third party.
    2022 year 22,408.8467 191,750 121.06 Yes, verified by a third party.

    Water resources management


    Water resources management is not only the sustainable development of the environment, but also one of the important keys to the corporate sustainable operation. In recent years, the rapid changes in the water environment brought about by extreme climate changes have greatly affected the water use of business and people's livelihood. YTEC promotes various policies to make good use of and cherish every drop of water resources. Even though the total water consumption of the Taiwan factory area is not large, it has little impact on the existing water sources. YTEC has always worked hard in the direction of "Reduction, Recovery, and Reuse" and continued to promote various water-saving measures.

    Manufacturing Process Water Saving


    YTEC continues to improve the waste water recovery treatment policy of the manufacturing process in factory area, using UF (Ultra filtration) ultrafiltration machine to remove the non-dissolved solids from the silicon-containing sludge produced by the sawing and grinding processes with hollow fiber membranes, to recovery and reuse the waste water from the sawing and grinding process in the factory. In recent years, the recovery rate of YTEC's wastewater has always maintained above 85%.

    reclamation of waste water rate


    Water Pollution Prevention and Control


    YTEC attaches great importance to biodiversity and ecological protection issues, therefore, it carefully evaluates the possible influence and impact of YTEC's discharged water on the environment and tries our best to minimize the impact.


    The wastewater discharged from YTEC's business operations mainly are sawing and grinding wastewater, wastewater discharged from the cooling water tower of the air conditioning in the plant operation, and domestic sewage from general toilet washing. After chemical coagulation and acid-base neutralization treatment unit. Before wastewater discharge. Equipped with water quality (pH value) and water quantity monitoring facilities. Ensure that the waste water produced by the manufacturing process completely meets the Management Standard announced by the Hsinchu Science Park Sewage Treatment Plant, and discharged to the Hsinchu Science Park Sewage Treatment Plant through the sewage sewer system for secondary biological treatment and advanced treatment to be in compliance with the discharge water standard. Eventually discharge the surface river water bodies of Keya Creek. In addition to accept irregularly scheduled waste water quality inspections by the Competent Authority, YTEC also conducts regular self-inspection every six months.

    Schematic diagram of waste water pipe end treatment process:

    Recovery Reuse

    YTEC continues to plan and make good use of any solution programs that can save and reuse water resources. In view of the fact that ROR recovery water has been brought into cooling water towers recently, there is still enough to spare for use until winter with the current use amount, and ROR is further brought for the use of toilets to reduce energy resource consumption.

    Wastewater Discharge

    In recent years, YTEC’s waste water recovery volume has always been maintained at more than 85%, continuous system optimization to increase the recovery water volume and benefits, coupled with the continuous introduction of water-saving solutions, YTEC 2020 waste (sewage) water discharge was reduced by 1,000 tons compared to the discharge in 2019.

    Energy Conservation and Carbon Reduction


    How to slow down the continuous deterioration of global climate change has always been a topic of international concern for countries, companies, and individuals. As a global citizen YTEC is dedicate to this issue too, in order to demonstrate our determination we continuously reserving energy and reduce carbon, and to constantly improving our energy efficiency. YTEC investment in energy-saving equipment and water recycling can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce the negative impact of climate change. 

    YTEC echoes the United Nations and international carbon reduction targets:
    • Continuously replace new energy-saving equipment to reduce process-related electricity consumption by more than 1% every year.
    • A commitment to net zero emissions by 2050.

    2023 Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Targets:
    • Save 355,000 degrees of electricity consumption.
    • Save 181 tons of carbon emissions.

    Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Emissions


    YTEC' greenhouse gas emission sources can be divided into three parts. Scope 1 is the direct emission sources of YTEC, including generator oil, official vehicle oil, and fire extinguishers. Scope 2 mainly comes from outsourced electricity. The carbon emissions of YTEC' Taiwan factory accounted for 99.32%. In 2021, the total carbon emission of the Taiwan plant will be 23,715.6293 tons of CO2.

    Total carbon emissions of the Taiwan plant:

    Scope Inventory Item Percentage Total Carbon Emission
    scope 1 Automotive Gas Oil 0.27% 22,222.0408
    Emergency Generators 0.01%
    Fire Extinguisher 0.00%
    Air Conditioning Equipment Refrigerant 0.00%
    Septic Tank 0.42%
    scope 2 Purchased Electricity 99.30%
    Purchased Heat 0.00%
    Purchased Steam 0.00%
    Scope Inventory Item Percentage Total Carbon Emission
    scope 1 Automotive Gas Oil 0.27% 23,715.6293
    Emergency Generators 0.01%
    Fire Extinguisher 0.00%
    Air Conditioning Equipment Refrigerant 0.00%
    Septic Tank 0.40%
    scope 2 Purchased Electricity 99.32%
    Purchased Heat 0.00%
    Purchased Steam 0.00%
    Scope Inventory Item Percentage Total Carbon Emission
    scope 1 Automotive Gas Oil 0.33% 175,794.12
    Emergency Generators 0.00%
    Fire Extinguisher 0.01%
    Air Conditioning Equipment Refrigerant 0.00%
    Septic Tank 0.41%
    scope 2 Purchased Electricity 99.25%
    Purchased Heat 0.00%
    Purchased Steam 0.00%
    Scope Inventory Item Percentage Total Carbon Emission
    scope 1 Automotive Gas Oil 0.31% 22,476.68
    Emergency Generators 0.00%
    Fire Extinguisher 0.00%
    Air Conditioning Equipment Refrigerant 0.00%
    Septic Tank 0.39%
    scope 2 Purchased Electricity 99.30%
    Purchased Heat 0.00%
    Purchased Steam 0.00%
    Scope Inventory Item Percentage Total Carbon Emission
    scope 1 Automotive Gas Oil 0.38% 18,491.17
    Emergency Generators 0.00%
    Fire Extinguisher 0.00%
    Air Conditioning Equipment Refrigerant 0.00%
    Septic Tank 0.48%
    scope 2 Purchased Electricity 99.14%
    Purchased Heat 0.00%
    Purchased Steam 0.00%

    Energy Conservation Projects


    The use of purchased electricity is the Company's main source of greenhouse gas emissions. The most effective energy conservation is to adopt energy conservation projects. In addition to adopt administrative measures to reduce electric energy use, it is also necessary to conduct energy-consumption inventory and improvement benefit assessments of overall electric equipment such as air-conditioning systems, and then implement various energy-conservation projects to effectively reduce electric energy use and achieve the goal of greenhouse gas reduction. In 2020, all factories continued to implement energy conservation projects:

    The promotion and benefits of Taiwan Plants energy saving project:

    Energy saving project Description Result
    LED lights replacement  Gradually replace old LED lamps to save carbon dioxide emissions.
    200,000 kWh
    100 tons of carbon emissions
    Install frequency converter The inverter is installed to reduce the output of the motor at a specific time, reducing power consumption and carbon emissions. 60,000 kWh
    30,835 kg of carbon emissions
    ROR reclaimed water into the toilet project In addition to the original introduction of the ROR recycled water into the cooling tower, it is introduced into the toilet for use. 1,000 cubic of water

    Green Products


    In order to move toward the direction of environmental protection, YTEC attaches great importance to the impact on the materials used inits own products and equipment on environmental protection issues. For the part with OEM services, we pay attention to green products that protect customers and provide green OEM manufacturing processes to avoid products being contaminated; YTEC has built an IECQ QC080000 system under the original Quality Management System, to conduct planning for green products design, green manufacturing process control and gree procurement starting from the customer or outside requirements based on the Prohibited and Restricted Substances Management Specification for Green Products (YT03-QA-016) as the main document, so that YTEC can provide appropriate protection for customers and the environment.

    Green Design

    YTEC’ own products have successively introduced the concept of green design into product development requirements, to conduct product design and development in accordance with the green laws and regulations of the shipping location and YTEC’s own green standards, to contribute in environmental protection. At present, the YTEC S50 series test version uses lead-free and low-halogen design and manufacturing process that have already met the RoHS requirements.

    Green Service

    All OEM services of YTEC include semiconductor OEM, special substrate sawing, LED optoelectronic OEM, and all manufacturing processes can comply with the customer green manufacturing requirements and RoHS environmental management substance restriction requirements. YTEC's manufacturing process design is based on the green laws and regulations of the shipping location, customer green standards, and YTEC's own green standards, to plan and build a green production manufacturing process including green procurement, process pollution prevention to make immediate notification process of abnormal products and arrange internal audit spot checks the effectiveness of green manufacturing process control system every year, so that the customers able to rest assured to put green products into YTEC production.

    Hazardous Substance Management System Certification

    Satisfying customers is the primary purpose of YTEC. In addition to continue paying close attention to the requirements of external laws and regulations on hazardous substances, the Company has also received the IECQ QC080000 System Certification since January 2011 to establish control operations for hazardous substances management, prevent pollution, and ensure that it can continue to provide products that meet customer requirements.

    Look into the Future

    YTEC has been paying attention to and supporting environmental protection issues for a long time. YTEC' Taiwan factory area has always regarded scrupulously abiding by the country's laws and regulations, fullfilling the corporate responsibilities as the highest principle, in order to continue to enhance the eagerly anticipated corporate social responsibility of all walks of life. and passed the new version of the ISO 14001:2015 environmental management system certificate in October 2016, is regarded as the spirit of implementing ISO continuous improvement as well as continuous progress toward the new indicators of sustainable operations.


    The future planning of YTEC, continues to invest in pollution prevention and implementation of environmental protection policies, abides by the country's environmental protection policies, laws and regulations, and implements corporate social responsibility, expecting to ultimately create a win-win situation for the economy and environmental protection.