Happy Workplace

Happy Workplace

Happy Workplace

Employee-Friendly Workplace


RBA Policy

To actively practice corporate social responsibility to meet the international trend of balancing environmental, social and corporate governance development, YTEC Promise:

1. Comply with the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Code of Conduct, regulations and customer requirements. Implementation of integrity management and ethical standards.

2. Emphasis on labor human rights to create a healthy and safe workplace friendly.

3. Promote energy conservation, resources and environmental protection, and green promotion.

4. Encourage business partners to jointly adhere to and continuously deepen their corporate social responsibility in order to achieve sustainable management.

5. Establish management system and implement risk management to pursue the goal of "Zero disaster" and "Zero harm".

Human Rights Promise and Ethics Policy

YTEC Support and Respect labor and human rights policy based on the Responsible Business Alliance Code of Conduct(RBA),UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, etc. We comply with local laws and regulations and regularly review the implementation of our human rights policy by joining the RBA to ensure the implementation of human rights protection.

YTEC Promise and Declare:

1. Freely choose jobEnsure that all work is voluntary and that no child labor or forced, bonded or involuntary labor is employed; and that workers are not required to pay recruitment-related fees or have their credentials withheld.

2. Suitable working hoursComply with local government laws, industry standards and customer code of conduct requirements regarding working hours, and employees shall work overtime on a voluntary basis.

3. Reasonable compensation: To provide employees with wages and benefits that meet the requirements of governmental laws and regulations, and to pay wages in full and on a regular monthly basis.

4. Humane Treatment: Treat employees with equality and humane respect without discrimination on the basis of race, national origin, color, age, sex, sexual orientation, disability, pregnancy, religious beliefs, political affiliation, union membership or marital status.

5. Freedom of association: We respect the rights of employees to freely associate, join unions and bargain collectively, and protect them from retaliation and threats.

6. Adherence to integrity and ethics: We strictly prohibit our employees from bribing, profaning, accepting or giving gifts, gratuities or entertainment to suppliers, customers and stakeholders that are not in accordance with business etiquette, and strictly protect the confidential information, assets and intellectual property rights of our company, customers and suppliers.

Employee Well-being


In order to improve the Company's humanistic quality, employee productivity and morale, and maintain the family's quality of life to achieve the goal of "work-life equilibrium", YTEC provides multiple welfare services and thorough welfare policies. Because YTEC firmly believes that a good working environment and employee benefits can retain outstanding talents and enable employees and the Company to grow stronger and last forever. YTEC sets up an Employees' Welfare Committee. Except for the General manager of the Board as ex officio member, the other members are all appointed by representatives from all departments of the factory to discuss and plan for thorough waleware measures and activities through non-scheduled meetings, encourage employees' work morale, strengthen labor-management cooperation relations, and establish a good overall corporate welfare policy.

Salary and Benefits - Equal Pay for Equal Work, Equal Opportunities

The remuneration policy is established in accordance with the requirements of labor laws and regulations. There will not be any difference due to ender, religion, race, or party affiliation. The salary of employees is based on the requirements of the job duties, reasonable salary is given based on whether the work is simple, complicated, difficult or easy, professional knowledge, experience, skills and reference to the salary level of the industry. In order to maintain the competitiveness of the Company's overall remuneration and ensure employees' living standards at the same time, YTEC measures the market's salary level and overall economic indicators through the same industry's salary standard survey every year to make appropriate adjustments to the employee's base salary.

Association Organization Activity

YTEC values and cares about the mental and physical health of employees, including recreational activities, volunteer service activities, and company training and growth courses, all to encourage employees to pursue a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, and participate in activities to have a better connection with colleagues, family members and society.

Basketball Club
Badminton Club
Board Game Club
Family Day-Cowboy Farm
Family Day-Shang Shun World
High quality benefits package
  • Employee Performance Bonus
  • Company Bonus
  • Salary Adjustment System
  • Three Festival Bonus
  • Welfare Allowance (Cash gift for marriage, childbirth, funeral, and allowance for hospitalization)
  • Birthday Gift
  • May 1st Labor Day Gifts
  • Meal allowance
  • Travel Allowance (two employee travel every year & one foreign travel every three years)
  • Association Organization Activity
  • Company Celebration (Family Day, Year-end Party, Department Dining Party))
  • Complete insurance system (labor insurance, health insurance, group insurance, life insurance, accident insurance, medical insurance, cancer insurance, etc.)
  • Take the initiative to enroll insurance for employees (group health insurance, life insurance, accident insurance, life insurance, accident insurance, medical insurance, cancer insurance, etc.)
  • Discount additional insurance (provide additional insurance for dependents)
  • Free regular physical examination
  • Provide group purchasing and livelihood discount information
  • Discount consuming from special vendors (over 200 designated shops)

Talent development

Education and Training

Young Tek encourages employees to have continuous growth and learning of professional knowledge, and has achieved corporate sustainable operation and development. For this goal, Young Tek has established the management system "Management Job Function Map" and "Management Training Map" in sequence to establish the goal and plan according to the job position and level to systematically help employees and managers to learn and grow, and gradually enrich the profession knowledge and skills required for their job functions.


Roadmap of all employees’ trainings:

Orientation for newly recruited and general

Company instructions, HR system, labor safety and health trainings, EICC, environmental policies and hazardous substances, general knowledge of hazards, safety trainings for fire-prevention, languages, stress-relief, and mindset changing.

02.Professional trainings
Improvement and enhancement of skills

Technology R&D, sales, production, equipment, procurement, quality, human resources, finance, environmental safety and health, laws of occupational safety and health and the risks of corporation operation, issue analysis and solution, time management, and project management.

03.Management trainings
Entry and mid-level management capability development

Vision leading, change leading, strategic planning, financial management, personnel instruction and development, and team leadership.

Every year, internal and external training are planned. In 2021, for all employees, the average training hours per person was 52.3 hours. For 321 female direct employees, the average training hour per person was 87.5 hours; for 124 indirect female employees, the average training hour per person was 31.4 hours. For 186 male direct employees, the average training hour per person was 51.2 hours; for 414 male direct employees, the average training hour per person was 31.9 hours. The emphasis of the direct employees is the courses of certifications and permits, and the emphasis for the indirect employees is the professional and management courses. 

Direct/indirect Female Male
Numbers of trainee Hours of internal trainings Hours of external trainings Total Average Numbers of trainees Hours of internal trainings Hours of external trainings Total Average
Direct 321 28,066.4 9 28,075.4 87.5 186 9,493.7 21 9,514.7 51.2
Indirect 124 3,702.7 185.5 3,888.2 31.4 414 13,054.2 161 13,215.2 31.9
Total 445 31,769.1 194.5 31963.6 71.8 600 22,547.9 182 22,729.9 37.9
01.Certificates and permits of auditors
  • QC080000 Auditors
  • ISO/TS 16949:2009 Auditors
  • ISO 14001:2015 Auditors
  • ISO 9001:2015 Auditors
  • AEO Auditors
  • ISO 26262 Auditors
  • ANSI/ESD S20.20 Auditors
02.Certificates and permits of environment, safety, and health
  • Class-1 occupational safety and health affair managers
  • Occupational health managers
  • Occupational safety and health administrators
  • Class-1 managers of labor safety and health affairs
  • Factory protection
  • Fire prevention administrators
  • Supervisor in charge of specified chemical substance operations
  • Organic Solvents Operations managers
  • First Aider
  • Lead operations managers
  • class b Wastewater treatment Specialist
03.Names of certificates and permits
  • Introduction of AP-AOI machine process
  • Operation Training for AP-AOI machines
  • Operation Training for AP-AOI expanders
  • Operation Training for AP-AOI file conversion program
  • AP-CP-software operational process
  • AP-CP-pin replacement process
  • AP-CP-machine operational process
  • Organic Solvents Operations managers
  • AP-IU Customer Specification
  • AP-IW Customer Specification
  • AP-LE Customer Specificationc
  • AP-NIKON Microscope operations regulations
  • DQ-Exception Handling Job
  • DQ-exception order system software operation
  • DQ-Temperature and Humidity Inspection
  • DQ-microscope operation
  • DS-Dcs140 & dcs141cleaner
  • DS-ERP operation
  • DS -IC Counter operation
  • DS-In Tray AOI operation
  • DS-IS-300 12inch automated backside inspection operation
  • DS-LS-510 automated sorter operation
  • DS-LS-520automated backside inspection operation
  • CP-AOI Step
  • CP-BAKE Step
  • CP-ET coordinator
  • CP-GM coordinator
  • CP-IBAKE Step
  • CP-INK Step
  • CP-IPQC Step
  • CP-LASER Step
  • CP-MOS coordinator
  • CP-ND Tester operation
  • CP-Prober operation
  • CP-UV Step
  • CP-WP coordinator
  • CP-Yokogawa Tester operation
  • CP-Visual inspection
  • CP-Cleaning coordinator
  • CP-Exception handling coordinator
  • CP-chip testing
  • CP-chip conversion
  • CP-microscope operation
  • DQ-ERP DQ-ERP system software operation
  • DQ-IQC inspection
Life-long Learning

YTEC introduced the " YoungTek E Academy" education and training system in 2016. Through the promotion of education and training by YoungTek E Academy, online learning course materials will be actively established in the future, to allow employees able to arrange their learning progress according to their needs, without being restricted by space and time, and effectively strengthen the effectiveness of employee education and training.


Use the Employee Learning Map to plan mandatory training courses, and query the training records and untrained courses from the system; managers can also track the completion rate of employees through this system. In addition, YTEC wants to expand foreign business and hopes to provide better customer services by encouraging employees to strengthen their language skills and establishing the "Foreign Language Proficiency Subsidy Method."

Employee Care


YTEC firmly believes that only healthy and happy employees can create the best performance for the Company, for this reason, in order to ensure that employees are in a healthy and LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) excellent quality working environment, YTEC continues to provide thorough and multiple health care programs and mechanisms.

Perfect Health Management Mechanism
Comprehensive health management

YTEC provides thorough health management, in addition to regular health education related promotion and irregular mail distribution, YTEC also cooperates with the hospital in Hsinchu area to hire specialist physicians stationed in the factory, going the the factory area for regularly stationed services in the factory. Furthermore, the general on-the-job health check of employees is organized every year.

Assistance in medical treatment and referral services

For the employees with abnormal medical examination results, arrange medical center physicians to provide individual health guidance and health education, and assist in medical treatment and transfer to a different hospital services to assist employees in improving medical transfer and needs.

Maternal Risk Assessment

For the health protection of maternal colleagues,YTEC has established the relevant maternity prohibition work items in accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Act, and colleagues in the Medical Room will track the health of maternal colleagues at any time. Furthermore, after professional doctors have confirmed their health conditions, they can adjust working conditions or switch jobs, so that every maternal colleague can work in a safe environment with peace of mind.

Intimate Working Environment


YTEC has always regarded talents as the Company's most important core asset, to ensure that employees are in a safe, healthy and LOHAS excellent quality working environment.

Clinic/Breastfeeding Room
Free Employee Parking Lot / Reserved Parking Space
Adjacent to the Hsinchu Science Park Hub (10 minutes walk), convenient for passenger transportation

Workplace Safety


YTEC passed the ISO 45001 Occupational Safety and Health Management System certification in 2018, and formulated occupational safety and health management policies, and started various occupational safety and health regulations and implementation plans in accordance with the policies, to be able to effectively prevent employees from occupational accidents when engaging in any related business activities or services in the Company and protect the health and safety of employees.

Occupational Safety and Health Policy and Organization Operation

The labor representatives of YTEC Occupational Safety and Health Management Committee are elected by labor representatives of the labor-management conference, and the number of labor representatives is higher than the statutory ratio by 1/3. The Committee is an organization that reviews the workplace safety and health related plans, implementation results, coordinates and recommends labor safety and health related businesses. All representatives can fully express safety and health-related opinions in the conference, and it is also a platform for direct labor participation and transparent communication. The conclusions of each Committee agreement are included in documents and records as the reference for follow-up supervision and future occupational health and safety planning.

Occupational Safety and Health Risk Assessment

According to the current risk and hazard assessment procedures of the ISO 45001 Management System, identify the risks of possible hazards caused by various operations comprehensively, set targets for assessment based on risk levels, and further set environmental safety and health improvement goals and programs.


In addition to be supplemented by audit operations to control the implementation reslts in a timely manner and achieve the goal of continuous improvement, the Occupational Safety and Health Committee will also regularly follow up and urge the improvement

Occupational Safety and Health Education and Training

Follow the rules of occupational safety and health education and training, new employees shall receive statutory safety and health education and training, and the on-the-job personnel receive various types of preliminary/ recurrent occupational safety and health education and training, including general knowledge of chemical hazards, fire-fighting courses (including emergency response), and management personnel annual on-the-job safety and health training.

Emergency Response and Drill
Establish an emergency response team

Each factory set up emergency response teams, regularly updates the roster and conducts work task training to strengthen the personnel's ability in responding to emergencies. At the same time, let personnel be familiar with the use of safety protection equipment to ensure the effectiveness of emergency response procedures. Upon receiving abnormal notification, report and broadcast immediately according to the unexpected situation.

Fire drill

Conduct planning and exercise topics every year, schedule the emergency response exercise plan, and implement the exercise for each shift according to the plan. The pre-exercise meeting discusses the suitability of emergency response planning, reviews the changes after the exercise for the commander to propose relevant suggestions.

Fire drill- lecture

Hire an instructor from the fire-fighting unit coming to the factory to teach the relevant annual emergency rescue and disaster prevention courses every year and all colleagues are required to be trained. Strengthen the every day emergency response and disaster relief knowledge in daily life at any time.

Labor-management Communication


In order to allow employees to understand the Company's developments timely, ensures two-way and multi-party communication, YTEC encourages employees to participate in Company activities and give feedback to the Company. In addition, YTEC also provides various channels for employees to express any opinions or concerns regarding to workplace related matters. These two-way channels include: